Transformation for Success


My life purpose is to apply my financial skills,  insight and experience in coaching others to be responsible persons. By applying themselves and doing what they ought to do per time,  they get excellent results inform of
emotional and financial rewards.  In short, everyone feels blessed and happy!

In expression of my life purpose (to the extent that I understand it at this time), the Transformation for Success Seminars is born! These are a series of transformational life changing seminars drawn from the New York Times bestseller ‘ The Success Principles’ – a life changing book by Jack Canfield.

This book is a must read for everyone,  no matter how successful you already are (or not!) .
I am all fired up to share my learnings and experiences as a result of this phenomenal book and author.  I just love you Jack Canfield! Thank you for sharing what you know with the world.

Transformation for Success (TFS  with Liz)  is about;
Discovering purpose
Living your dreams
Finding & living your passion
Intentional living
Blessing your world…

Check out the second edition of TFS with Liz (dateline Lekki,  Lagos on July 18th 2015) on Eventbrite

…live your best life NOW!

Liz Adedoyin


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