Going the extra mile

Too often people stop just inches of reaching their goals. A wise man is quoted to have said “Go the extra mile. On the extra mile there is no traffic!”

What does it mean to go the extra mile?

  • Do your best
  • Do more than you’ re required to do
  • Always under promise and over deliver
  • Determine that you’ll keep outdoing yourself
  • Have high intention and low attachment to things… Do your best and leave the rest!
  • If you do more than you’re paid for, sooner or later you’ll be paid more than your work!
  • Keep your word always
    Be sure to be upfront with your customers once you find out that you won’t be able to do what you promised… That way it will be hard to accuse you of dropping the ball!

Think about it- the difference between extremely hot water and boiling water is just 1 point! (1teeny weeny extra degree)!

Have an excellent day as you give life your best shot!

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