Committed, interested or just passing by?

Are you committed, interested or just passing by? Still dabbling?

What level of interest and dedication are you giving to your major goal in life?

What can you fully commit to doing this new month that will enhance the achievement of your life purpose?!

These and other questions are what I have been ruminating upon in the past month!

100% commitment makes all the difference!

Commitment got me out of bed today. And a commitment to financial freedom guides my purchasing decisions.  It’s easier to say ‘No’ to what we do not need when the decision has already been made ahead of time. I met a pretty pair of shoes in August but I was able to say ‘no’ to the shoes! I didn’t need them even though they were on sale and looked so so inviting!

Debt Free Shows Financial Wealth And Success
Debt Free Showing Financial Freedom Wealth And Success

I am committed to staying motivated, healthy and happy!

Commitment provides clarity.

Prevents waste.

Prevents confusion.

Ensures direction and coherence.

Supports consistent focused action which culminates in success.

Willingness to pay the price takes commitment to another level!

I learned from Jack Canfield’s bestselling book – The Success Principles, that the average Olympian trains for 4 hours daily at least 310 days every year for 6 years before succeeding!

Michelangelo spent 4 years lying on his back painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!

Michael Jordan was reputed to always be the first on the court and the last to leave while training!

And the list goes on ad on.

What can I commit to consistently doing this week that will make me outstanding if pursued daily through the next 1 year? 4 years? 6 years?!

Focus … because major improvements take time!

A major challenge for most people is keeping focused and committed to a single cause long enough to achieve success.

Are you on the fast lane ( the one taken by people who have decided on a course of action and sticking with it) or on the slow lane (exit lane, checking out if every next turn is THE EXIT and therefore not sufficiently engaged in their current pursuit to achieve excellence and consequently remain unsuccessful)?!


Imagine what success we could experience if we committed to excellence in the important things. 100% commitment to a goal means laser-focused commitment!

A 100% commitment is easier to keep. It frees up your mind from the debate of whether or not to stick with your plan. And enhances a successful outcome!

Taking on too many things at the same time?!

 Stress.  Anxiety. Mediocre results if any!

Commitment to a single goal, life-time endeavour with laser focus is a sure-fire plan for success.

Dabbling may not work as well because resources get scattered and are not put to concerted use. And to think that each of us is only given a quantum of resources!

The wise ones advise the discovery of one’s singular purpose in life and encourage building all one’s activities around it for a meaningful successful life!

Most of us are at different stages of this discovery.  While at it, whatever our hands find to do, let’s do it with all our hearts!

*Motivated, healthy and happy! I take a stand in following through on my commitments!

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