Nigeria at 58

Nigeria on my mind.

Today is Nigeria’s 58th Independence anniversary and I cannot but wonder.

Wonder at the political climate, financial/ economic indices, fabric of the nation, failure of public institutions, do-or-die politics, Labour’s agitation for an increased minimum wage while lawmakers and representatives earn stupendous monthly salaries, currently ‘serving’ governors/ senators earning pension from prior political appointments while Pension Funds have been reported ‘borrowed’.

A National Health Insurance Scheme that leaves a lot to be desired, power challenges, mounting external debt, bad roads and failing infrastructure everywhere, traffic congestion, pollution, fake and substandard goods, and poor quality of life. Power and energy issues yet flaring gas with impudence. Religious bigotry. The fabric of the society is almost totally eaten up by corruption, graft, greed and avarice as reported in the news on a daily basis.

A major cause for concern and if care is not taken, sleepless nights. What keeps us going I believe is the mercy of God!

A new crop of politicians is on the rise, young men and women who are pulling out all stops to make sense of the seeming and looming national failure. All hope is not lost. But where do we begin? Which way Nigeria?

#HappyIndepedenceNG #NigeriaAt58 #Nigeria

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