Nigeria at 58

Nigeria on my mind. Today is Nigeria's 58th Independence anniversary and I cannot but wonder. Wonder at the political climate, financial/ economic indices, fabric of the nation, failure of public institutions, do-or-die politics, Labour's agitation for an increased minimum wage while lawmakers and representatives earn stupendous monthly salaries, currently 'serving’ governors/ senators earning pension from … Continue reading Nigeria at 58

Committed, interested or just passing by?

Are you committed, interested or just passing by? Still dabbling? What level of interest and dedication are you giving to your major goal in life? What can you fully commit to doing this new month that will enhance the achievement of your life purpose?! These and other questions are what I have been ruminating upon … Continue reading Committed, interested or just passing by?

TFS at King’s Covenant International

  Great fun and learning at KCIC Entrepreneurship Summit on Saturday 26th May 2018! The youths were so engaging and the environment supercharged with possibilities under the able leadership of the church pastors, Pastors Dele-Ofik and Esther Dele-Ofik and the Youth President Bro. Paul. Key take-aways Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running … Continue reading TFS at King’s Covenant International

Happy International Women’s Day 2018

  Happy 2018 International Women's Day! Thank God for all those who have said 'No' to me in this life. They are the reason why I am where I am today! Why not say a big thank you to that person/ organization that said 'No' to you and move on?! #mydailystand #ask #No #Happywomensday #IWD2018


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